Is CBD Safe For Cats?

Is CBD Safe For Cats? - King Buddha

As cat owners look for effective ways to keep their cats happy and healthy, they are starting to explore alternative treatments. Among these alternative treatments is CBD.

Similar to humans, animals experience changes in their bodies as they age. These changes can cause stress and discomfort resulting in alterations to their body processes.

While aging is a normal part of life, discomfort associated with that process should not be. CBD for cats can offer exceptional benefits to your lovely cat.

Cat Mobility

Just like in humans, there are many changes in cats that come with aging. While CBD products can’t do anything to turn back time, many cat owners have found that CBD can help your kitty move around better and go back to the days of chasing balls with comfort and high energy. If you have an aging cat that needs a boost and support, CBD oils are the perfect place to start.

CBD for Cat Anxiety

Like humans, cats can also experience stress and anxiety that result in a sudden change in mood, behavior, and overall health. Short-term stressors like changes in their surroundings and conflicts with other pets can result in other problems such as poor grooming habits or no activity at all.

CBD for pets can help by supporting receptors within your cat’s endocannabinoid system and help in the improvement of mood, sleep quality, and other normal body processes.

CBD is Safe for Your Cat

The main reason pet owners use CBD for their pets is to enhance the quality of life and relieve ailments. While CBD might not treat these ailments, it will surely ease their discomfort level. Ensure that the CBD product has been tested for both contaminants and quality through a third-party lab. There should be proper lab reports for each CBD product batch.

Always remember that cats are unique. Their reaction to CBD pet treats might differ. When it comes to CBD dosage for your cat, it’s best to start with low. Many vets have agreed that CBD does not harm pets and might not trigger any side effects. But before giving your cat CBD, always consult with your vet.

If you are unsure about which amount of CBD for your pet or product to select, it is always best to consult with a veterinarian that understands your pet's needs.

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