Can CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

Can CBD Oil Help You Sleep? - King Buddha

With everyone being at home working or attending to family. It can be perceived that we should be more relaxed than usual. This is far from the truth. Most people don’t get a good night's sleep.

It’s recommended for everyone to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is vital to your overall well-being. There’s nothing more jealousy-inducing than hearing other people talk about how well rested they are.

Of course, we all know how important sleep is when it comes to repairing the body, building an immune system, or avoiding excess weight gain.

What Interferes With Quality Sleep?

There are many things that interfere with quality sleep. Here’s a few of the common ones that may be preventing you from sleeping:

• Anxiety and Depression

There are millions of people suffering from anxiety and depression. This has a huge impact on a person’s mental health. Making it difficult to reach a deep sleep.

• Exercising

Can exercise impact your sleep? It depends. Exercise is great because of the many benefits to your body. But it may not be best to perform a rigorous workout 1 hour before bed.

• Caffeine

This may seem obvious because caffeine is a stimulus. It can elevate your heart rate, possibly cause stomach cramps, or cause you to become restless.

• Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is the most popular for interrupted sleep. Almost 80% of the population that suffer from sleep apnea go undiagnosed.

• Your diet

Who doesn’t love a great midnight snack. But most people go overboard and eat a full meal. Eating a full meal causes your body to work harder to get sleep. Because it’s too busy trying to digest food.

The relationship between CBD and sleep

So how does CBD encourage a better sleep habit? Well, it helps to deliver a sense of calmness and relaxation. With thousands of people struggling to sleep everyday. It could be due to many underlying factors (a few we discussed above). But let’s go a little deeper to understand the relationship between CBD oil and sleep.

CBD is an ingredient extracted from the cannabis plant that interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The endocannabinoid system is a network of neurotransmitters and receptors throughout your body. Scientists are still uncovering what the endocannabinoid system does. One thing we do know, when CBD interacts with your ECS it delivers a relaxing and calm feeling.

With the millions of daily stressors each one of us encounter daily - work, family, caring for another, finances, you name it. These all have a tremendous impact on getting a deep sleep so we can start the next day with a clear mind.

Can CBD Oil Really Help You Sleep?

Let’s agree this past year has changed all our lives. With the countrywide stay-at-home order one would think more people will be able to get more sleep. Are you?

There are so many benefits to sleep and staying at home every day doesn’t mean you’ll get more sleep. You may have more time to get stuff done or many would say to multitask. And sleep becomes less of a priority for many. The Centers for Disease Control recommends seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Most people get 4 - 5 hours of sleep per night. Then wake up sluggishly chugging down caffeine to get a boost of energy.

Sleep helps you feel better and maximize your productivity throughout the day. But people continuously search for sleep support aids. And when they find one it’s a watered down product that lacks quality. Because not all sleep aids are made the same.

CBD oil has become one of the top choices for many people. This is due to the calming and sleep benefits from cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It helps promote a sense of relaxation. Unlike the whole cannabis that includes many compounds (including THC) which can make you high.

CBD oil contains many cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBD, and all-natural terpenes to help you get the best relaxed feeling possible.

CBD oil can be infused in different products including the following;


Several types of CBD oil-infused edibles are available in the market including gummy bears. Generally, edibles mention the CBD concentration in milligrams.


CBD extracts can be used in a vaporizer. As the CBD extracts heat up, it produces a vapor that is inhaled.


CBD tinctures are available in a variety of concentrations and can be consumed in food, or directly under the tongue. Also, a few drops of the liquid can be added to your favorite drinks.

Full-spectrum tinctures give you all natural sleep assistance. Always consult your doctor before taking CBD sleep tinctures if you have a medical condition or take medication.

What Do We Mean By “Better” Sleep?

There is a lot of science behind sleep. According to John Hopkins Medicine, “sleep accounts for one-quarter to one-third of the human life span.” Good quality sleep is not only needed, it’s necessary. Your body and brain has a chance to slow down. It allows your body to recover. And you experience an improved overall mental well-being.

Typically, about an hour before you fall asleep your body naturally produces melatonin. It’s your body’s way of sending signals that it is time to rest. And if you fall asleep at a decent time frame your body enters a healthy sleep pattern. Within 90 minutes you should enter into a deep sleep and now the body can begin repairing itself.

But it doesn’t always work out that way. So people turn to natural remedies to help transition into deep sleep, such as CBD (cannabidiol).

How to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

CBD is becoming popular helping many people with sleep problems. There’s nothing worse than laying down at night feeling wide awake. Most people can’t control staying up at night because of medical reasons. And we understand but CBD may help encourage a sense of relaxation. Whether one person feels sleepy and another does not depend on the person.

Remember we spoke about how CBD interacts with your specific endocannabinoid system. You can be a very healthy person or a person on medications. Either way CBD will behave differently within your body or take a while for you to feel the effects. It just depends on you. But if you are taking medications, talk to your doctor and tell them that you have been considering CBD as an alternative. This way he/she can support and guide you while you are taking it.

Taking CBD oil is fairly simple. There are steps on the back of King Buddha’s bottle to guide you. Most people take CBD one hour to 30 minutes before bed. Simply squeeze the dropper to your specific measurement (use the CBD Dosage Calculator to find your optimal dosage), release the drops under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. That’s it.

Overtime CBD will build up in your system so re-evaluate your daily servings little by little. It’s best to start with a low dose and gradually increase until you reach the optimal dosage. Also, incorporating a healthy sleep regimen will support your journey to better sleep.

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