King Buddhas Wellness blog goal is to deliver the highest quality content to the CBD/Hemp community. We’d be honored to have you share your product reviews, breaking news, educational, topics impacting the CBD/Hemp industry, experiences at a recent CBD/Hemp events and other information of interest to our readers.

Of course, we wouldn't think of asking for your stellar intellect and creative content for free. As a new guest contributor, you'll be paid $0.10 per word ($50 for 500 words, $100 for 1,000 words). Read on to find out how. 

Getting Started

This guideline will provide you with everything you need to know to get started on submitting to King Buddha Wellness blog. Send a short pitch (2-3 sentences) to on your topic and an outline of how the piece will flow. Experienced writers are preferred; send URLs to examples of your work.

Please carefully consider articles already published on our site, and please know that we don't publish repeat topics. All articles will be subject to editing for length and adherence to AP Style

What Type of Articles Are We Looking For?

We publish articles for CBD/Hemp enthusiasts who want to be entertained and educated by those with experience and expertise. Please keep pitches specific; you don't have to try to explain the entire history of CBD/Hemp in one blog! King Buddha wellness blog is organized into the following sections:

  • News (500-750 words): The latest and greatest in the CBD/Hemp world, including legal updates, scientific breakthroughs, political momentum and hyperlocal progress.
  • Culture (500-750 words): What's the latest and greatest the CBD/Hemp world? Which celebrities are sympathetic to the cause? Let us know about new music, fashion, art and other Hemp-related endeavors. 
  • Product Reviews (500-750 words): Love your King Buddha products? Have a critique of a particular CBD / Hemp product? Tell us why!
  • Personal Stories (750-1000 words): Have a tale about how CBD/Hemp has helped you or a loved one? Has a King Buddha products changed your life for the better?
  • Knowledge Base (750-1000 words): Health & Wellness topics. CBD for Sleep, everyday stress, Workout/Fitness. Experts only!

What's Next?

After your outline is approved and you're ready to sit down for a writing session, please ensure that: 

  • The article is an original piece of work for King Buddha Wellness blog and not previously published elsewhere.
  • You are open to feedback from our experienced, professional editors and are prepared to develop your first draft into a final, polished piece.
  • You are prepared to meet the deadline agreement set by your editor.
  • You help promote your article by sharing on your social media channels and telling your friends!

Send submissions to; please allow 2-3 weeks for a response. Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

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